Tracy Raftl website designer for female entrepreneurs

Branding & websites for Dang-driven Lady Entrepeneurs

I create personality driven branding and websites that lovingly attract your ideal client and make you a beast ton of sales.

Your Brand & website are your most powerful pieces of marketing

Your brand, your message, and your website are the essential foundations of your business.

Why? Because all roads lead to your website. Every single piece of marketing that you do will lead people here before they buy… which means it needs on-point branding, powerful copy, and a layout that converts, otherwise your omg-I’d-love-to-work-with-them clients will pass right on by. BYE, MONEY!!! See ya never?? 😭

Branding & Websites Female Entrepreneurs

It sucks having a crappy website.
Or no website.
Or a brand that doesn't feel like you.

Because you're a down-to-earth yet dang-driven ladyboss (with a rad sense of humour). You rock at what you do, and you need people to SEE it and FEEL it through your brand. But..

Website shame female entrepreneurs

Website Shame

You've got website shame (and yep, some brand envy). You're not in love with your branding or feel it's sending the wrong message to potential clients, so you're hiding away or not charging what you should.

Trying to DIY your own branding & website

DIY Drama

You're tired of trying so hard to DIY your own branding & website, growing patches of grey hair, and it still looking like a grade schooler did it. You don't have time for this. You're ready to call in the pros.

Value Concerns

You're also concerned because you don't want to pay for just pretty... you want a freedom machine! A powerhouse website that converts visitors to clients and pays the dolla' bills (and also makes back your investment).

Little Beast Branding & Websites for Female Entrepreneurs

You can have a Brand & website that showcases all your awesomEness and makes you all the impact.

When done right (which you can expect from me), your branding and website will position you as the expert you are... which means everyone will want to work with you, and you'll have the confidence to shout your business from the rooftops, sell out your services, and charge higher prices. Cha ching.

Support Relief New Website


You'll get expert, loving support in the process... a rebrand or brand refresh is a big project (that does require plenty of work from you), but I'm here to take the confusion off your plate and make it as easy as possible. You can relax as I take lead!

Confident in your new brand & website


You'll get a gorgeous, unique brand and website that captures the essence of who you are and the work you are here to do. When you see it, it feels like home! It also feels at home to your ideal clients, which creates trust and makes them instantly drawn to working with you.

Freedom Female Entrepreneurs


Now that you feel like a million buckaroonies in your new brand, you're transforming the lives of your fave clients and raking in the dough. This means you've got the flexibility and monetary freedom to fund the big, beautiful, magnificent life that you want to live.

Melissa Dow

OMG its amazing! You captured me perfectly. I'm going to cry!!'

- Melissa Dow, yoga & wellness counsellor

Melissa's verbatim reaction upon seeing her new brand & website: "OMG IT'S AMAZING TRACY HOLY SHIT! WOW!!! You captured me perfectly! Beyond perfect. It looks so so so so so amazing !!!!!! It resonates so much and is better than I could have hoped. I'm going to cry! GAAHH!! #&*@#(#*^#f723"

Branding and Websites for Female Entrepreneurs

Hey pal!

Tracy Raftl website designer for female entrepreneurs

I'm Tracy. It's nice to meet you!

I love creating a brand and website for a client that makes her sit up and say … holy shit…… WOW!

What I love even more is when the brand and website helps her business grow, which allows her the freedom to live the life she really wants to live.

Click here to learn more about how my near-decade as an online-based entrepreneur led me to you here now. 

Peek the portfolio

Check out the recent powerhouse brands & websites that I’ve designed, developed, launched (and, for some, written the copy!) You want one too? Get a free brand audit from me and we’ll see if this is right for you right now.

Patequin Designs

Traci Pate is an expert in the field of educational multimedia (aka creating engaging staff training courses). She's got a sly secret: she gets contracted by some of the biggest tech companies in the world.

Melissa Dow

Melissa Dow is a heartfelt, soulful yoga goddess. She's also a counsellor who will make you feel like you can really be yourself, man. We built Melissa a home on the internet that feels as cozy as her extensive scarf collection.

The Love Vitamin

The Love Vitamin (that's me!) has been around since 2011.. and my last design felt sooo 2014 (yes, I had a bad case of the website shame). It desperately needed a refresh, and here's the classy new look.

Branding & Websites Female Entrepreneurs

Peek the packages

Want to know how we can work together to supercharge your brand? Check out my package(s). That’s what he said.

Baby Beast

For ladies who are on a DIY website path but need help nailing down their brand vibes, message, and visuals.

Little Beast

For ladies who need branding and a beautifully unique website - designed, developed, and ready to go.

big bad beast

For ladies who need branding, a website, and want me to write you some bangin' high-converting copy for it too.

it's incredible - It feels just like me. tracy nailed it.

Ladio - Biz Inc

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Want to buddy up?
Here's the plan, stan.

Number One

Book a free brand audit

We'll have a bit of a chit chat, and see what's next for you... is new branding and/or new website in your best interest at the moment? If not, I'll still give you a some actionable steps to boost your current brand or website.

Number one

We build you a beast of a brand

If partnering up is in our cards, then we'll collaborate on creating you a smoking new brand and a shiny new website. I said, girl... don't worry. I've got all the design, direction, and techy stuff under control.

You sell out your services

Nothing creates trust with your ideal clients more than professional, consistent, authentic design and branding. Watch as your marketing instantly becomes 10X as effective after your rebrand.

Branding & Websites Female Entrepreneurs
Quiz Time!

Discover your true brand style

Is your website a lead generating machine?
Little Beast Branding & Design

You want an epic brand that looks amaZIng and effortlessly sells your stuff

But if you're not loving your branding, it might be because the visual style of it doesn't reflect who you truly are.

(Plus, your ideal clients are going to get iffy 'she's trying to be someone she's not' vibes. Ew.)

Take this quiz and find out what your brand style should really be.

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