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We create aligned brands & websites that actually convert, so our badass clients feel professional, increase their income, and make more impact.

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Want a brand & website that makes an immediate connection with your ideal clients?

Your website and your brand (i.e. not just your visual style but also your message, your passion, and what makes you unique) are the essential foundations of your business.

An epic brand with a rock solid message and a professional website to share it with the world is like a beacon that effortlessly attracts the right clients and customers to you. 

Without these things in place, your marketing efforts will be half as effective as they could be. Your omg-I’d-love-to-work-with-them clientele will be passing right on by. BYE, MONEY!! See ya never? 😭

Branding & Websites Female Entrepreneurs

It sucks having a crappy website. Or no website. Or seriously cringey, out-of-date branding.

Because you're a down-to-earth yet dang-driven ladyboss (with a rad sense of humour). You're so passionate and ready to change your clients' lives... but you're feelin' insecure. You need people to SEE & FEEL it visually so they can trust that you're the real deal.

Website shame female entrepreneurs

Website Shame

You've got website shame (and yep, some brand envy). You're not in love with your branding or feel it's sending the wrong message to potential clients. It's stopping you from taking things to the next level.

Trying to DIY your own branding & website

DIY Drama

You're tired of your cobbled together visual style - you try so hard, yet it still looks like a third-grader did it. You're ready for something better - a pro to help you ...or at least a more exciting website template to start you off!

Tech allergY

You're also majorly overwhelmed and frustrated with all the tech involved with business - you just want to do what you love and grow your business... not waste time on this stuff!

Little Beast Branding & Websites for Female Entrepreneurs

You can have a Brand & website that feels good and makes you look credible af

When done right (which you can expect from Little Beast), your branding and website will position you as legit and credible AF... which means everyone will want to work with you, and you'll have the confidence to shout your business from the rooftops, sell out your services, and charge higher prices. Cha ching.


A professional brand not only saves you precious time, it also creates an immediate connection with ideal clients and positions you as credible and mega legit!


We help you create a gorgeous, unique website and brand that captures the essence of who you are and the work you are here to do. When you see it, it feels like home!


Better brand = more clients = more money. This means you've got the flexibility and monetary freedom to fund the big, beautiful, magnificent life that you want to live.

see what our lovely clients have to say about Little Beast:

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Dr. Shannon Curtis, women’s Naturopath

“Honestly, this was the best investment I could have made in my business. I’m going to get it back tenfold and beyond – I’m already getting more contacts from potential clients.”

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Christine Hansen, Business & Sleep coach

“They got my branding completely spot on, everything completely aligned with my values, who I am, who I want to work with, and what I want to communicate to my soul clients.”

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Allegra Stein, Business Coach

“I could not be more thrilled with how Tracy helped me bring to life my new brand & website. People who have been following me for a long time have said “Oh my gosh.. it’s YOU!'”

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Karen Hopkins, Wedding Industry Disruptor

“I was feeling really burnt by previous contractors who took my money & didn’t deliver.  But the experience of working with Tracy was above & beyond what I could have expected.”

"absolutely second to none. I warmly recommend Little Beast."

- Camilla Sacre-Dallerup, life coach, best selling author, and former champion on Dancing with the Stars UK

She created an online universe for my business for my clients to explore and feel part of our community! Tracy’s way of working in the web space is different to anyone I have ever met before, she knows her craft and her niche, guiding you through the otherwise stressful process in a comfortable manner.

I felt safe being guided by her and her team, it was obvious she knew the way. Her setup of how to communicate throughout the process, to the design, and the process of getting specific about how to narrow down your vibe & message for your brand… it was all spot on. 

Absolutely second to none and I warmly recommend her and Little Beast, in fact if she wasn’t already so busy I would hire her to work with us at Zenme full time!

Hey pal!

I'm Tracy. It's nice to meet you!

I’m the head designer & owner of Little Beast. I love creating a brand and website for a client that makes her sit up and say … holy shit…… WOW!

What I love even more is when that brand and website helps her business grow, which allows her the freedom to live the life she really wants to live.

Click here to learn more about how my near-decade as an online-based entrepreneur led me to you here now. 

Peek the portfolio

Check out the recent powerhouse brands & websites that we’ve designed, developed, and launched (on both WordPress and Showit). You want one too? Read more about working with us here.

Branding & Websites Female Entrepreneurs

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