3 Reasons You Need a Brand One-Liner

Brand one-linerHere’s the three facts about why you need a brand one-liner, up front:

  1. These days, people have attention spans that are literally shorter than a goldfish. For real.
  2. When people show up on your website, or your social media profile, they give you about 5 seconds (if we’re being generous) to determine if you’re somebody they’re going to pay attention to.
  3. Why are they going to pay attention to you? Because you might give them something they want. You can help them solve their problems. You can make them laugh. You can hold their hair back after a long night of slamming double vodka sodas because their ex was there unexpectedly and they just got a little out of control and it’s ok girl it happens to the best of us.

There are so many distractions out there on the internets, and if you can’t let them know why they should care within those 3 to 5 seconds, they’re just going to move on. They’re RUTHLESS!!

And for you, all of this means lost sales, sadness, and a long, perpetual ride on the struggle bus.

3 Reasons You Need a Brand One-Liner
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So What’s a Brand One-Liner?

A brand one-liner is a really straightforward, clear, descriptive sentence that you put on the first panel of your website homepage, your social media profiles, and your business card.

It’s also something you can say when you’re networking in person or if someone asks you what you do.

The basic formula is:

I do _____this____ for ____these people___ so they can _____, ______, and _____.

In other words, state what you do, the type of person you do it for (ie. your ideal client), and how they benefit.

Note that if your business name and tagline already describes part of that, you can take that into consideration and leave that out of the one-liner. The overall importance is that they get the gist ASAP before you lose them.

Examples of Brand One-Liners

For example, mine is:

Branding & Websites for Unstoppable Women
I create soulful branding and websites that effortlessly attract your dreamiest clients and make you a beast ton of impact, profit, and freedom.

Branding & websites for unstoppable women

My client Melissa’s one liner is:

Melissa Dow Yoga & Wellness
Through yoga and wellness, I help you come home to yourself so you can show up more fully to your life and relationships.

My client Traci’s one liner is:

Patequin Designs – Educational Multimedia
We partner with companies to build engaging and effective employee training.

Like I said, it should just be really straight forward.

Don’t try to be cute to the point where it’s not clear what you’re talking about. Don’t use industry jargon that you assume everyone understands. In fact, consider how you would explain to a fifth grader what you do, and say it like that.

Buuuuut… you do get bonus points if you can jazz up the formula just a bit while still being clear. I have noticed that a lot of people have caught on to the one-liner thing (coaches I’m looking at you), and now I can spot the formula a mile away.

But if it’s a choice between using the formula and not having a one-liner, it’s way better to just use the formula. Confusing people is just not the way to get clients and customers.

So anyway – if you don’t have one, go make one up and start splashing it around!

Feel stuck?

If we work together on your branding or website project, I can help you brainstorm the perfect one-liner that will attract all your perfect clients.

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