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Hi! I’m Tracy! And let me guess… you’ve got big ideas for your biz but your brand & website is dragging you down. We give you a biz facelift that:

Hi! I’m Tracy! And let me guess… you’ve got big ideas for your biz but your brand & website is dragging you down.

We give you a biz facelift that:

Why little beast?

Little Beast because us women may be smaller than our manly counterparts, but dang are we mighty.  We’re 100% determined to create our dream lives & businesses, so don’t try to stop us.

Also Little Beast because I’m a freakishly tiny person. A very determined, freakishly tiny person.

we aren't your 'average design team'

We specialize in stand-out brands & websites for ambitious female coaches, experts, and service providers just like you.

Also, not to humble brag but we’re pretty fun too :p (If you like dogs, personality tests, and lots of LOLs you’ll fit right in.)

Obviously we’re not the only ones who can take care of your brand & website makeover, but here’s some things that make working with us unique:

Branding & Websites Female Entrepreneurs

our signature framework

We don't promise the world and then not deliver – we have systems in place to ensure that you get the brand & website that you're ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH.

We work with you to understand exactly who your audience is, what makes you special, and what style you love. From there we create you a masterpiece of a brand & website that you'll drool over and your ideal clients won't be able to resist.

We closely guide you through every single step in our collaboration - including getting brand photos & writing your website copy. You'll never feel lost and can trust us we'll lead you through and make it easy.

You get to relax as we create you unique, stand-out brand visuals that feel 100% like you AND will never be lost in the crowd or forgotten by your most desired clients. We work it till you're in love.

We build our websites using WordPress & the page builder Elementor, or the Showit Platform. We also teach you to make updates yourself so you're never held hostage to us.

We ensure your new brand captures your essential essence, so clients fall in love at first sight. Your strategic website then leads them to the sale. This means profits, growth, and freedom for you!

Meet the beast team

Tracy Raftl, head designer / boss lady

Tracy, our head designer /  founder of Little Beast / the tiniest person you will ever meet, was a successful online acne guru in her pre-Beast life (so she’s been kickin’ it as an online entrepreneur for over 10 years already & TOTALLY GETS IT!)

Here’s a one-sentence Tracy-summary: Nature loving, travel obsessed, visually-creative, feminist, loves building stuff, dog patting, trying-anything-once, if-you-can-dream-it-we-can-do-it, down to earth, loves to laugh, swims in lakes obsessively (in summer, she’s not crazy), determined, adventure-loving, free-spirited, Canadian. Chocolate.

anna cottier, project manager extraordinaire

Anna is your new BFF who will be guiding you through your web design proj! She’s a super organized crusher with a passion for supporting people and protecting the environment. She lives in Victoria, BC.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Here’s a one-sentence Anna-summary: Funny AF, environment-protector, chiller, cuddle-bugging, critter patting, snack-eating, adventure loving soul friend.

fernanda Soares, web design wizard

Fernanda is in charge of web design assistance. She’s a super skilled creative with a passion for creating new things and helping people to realize their dreams/projects/businesses. She lives in São Paulo, Brazil. ⠀⠀⠀⠀

Here’s a one-sentence Fernanda-summary: Creative, fun, dog loving, food cooking, film watching, introspective city-explorer!

huckle baby, hard working mascot

Huck, our hard working mascot is head of the morale department. He has no idea what he’s doing but still somehow ends up with all the praise and belly rubs. 

Here’s a one-sentence Huck-summary: Snhuggle loving, food obsessed, sunbathing, crumb patrolling, fabric licking, guard dogging, sweetest angel baby. 

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