Why little beast?

Little Beast because us women may be smaller than our manly counterparts, but dang are we mighty.  We’re 100% determined to create our dream lives & businesses, so don’t try to stop us.

Also Little Beast because I’m a freakishly tiny person. A very determined, freakishly tiny person.

Alert: serious munchkin over here trying to look tough >

About Little Beast Branding & Design

You're a beast at what you do. So let's quit the brand shame.

Calling all women with a personal brand: service providers, consultants, coaches, authors, bloggers, online educators, or other creative lady-preneurs.

Since you’re a beast at what you do and so freaking passionate about your business, it only makes sense that you want a brand and website that showcases that.

Brand & website shame is a real thing and it’s not for women like you. You deserve a website that you’re proud of, that immediately connects to your ideal client and makes them say “You were meant for me and I was meant for you” (90s folk singer Jewel approves this message.)

Branding & Websites Female Entrepreneurs

I'm all about Helping you live a life of freedom... of unashamed glorious you-ness.

Here at Little Beast, the main jam is freedom, authenticity, and openness - paired with a healthy dose of fun, creativity, and ambition.

I’m all about living a life that feels so right for you. Not the life your family, friends, or boss think you should live. (uh, what boss, amiright?)

I want you to be able to blaze your own path, and live a life that you truly love.… and have the monetary freedom to do it. I don’t want you stuck having people tell you what you’re allowed to be, how to spend your money, or what to do with your life. That would be the worst.

That’s why you need a successful, authentic business you love, and that starts with a crazy good brand & website. You need these rock-solid foundations otherwise you may not get there. That’s why I do what I do.

Hey! I'm Tracy!

I'm an entrepreneur, not just a web designer. I get you, girlfriend.

Tracy Raftl - brand & web designer

So how did I end up here in front of you, on the precipice of greatness together?

I’ve been visually creative from the start, way back to when the Lite-Brite was my favourite toy and when my actual nickname was ‘wee-wee’ (thanks Dad). No I didn’t pee my pants… much… I’m just freakishly small, remember?

But aside from that, I’ve been an online based entrepreneur for the last near-decade. In 2011, I started the successful website ‘The Love Vitamin’ to help women struggling with acne. I blogged my heart out and sold ebooks, online courses, and coaching.

The Love Vitamin has afforded me the freedom to control my own time, be the main income earner for my family, travel a ton, and buy my dream home.

It’s been wonderful, but of course, not always easy. As you ladypreneurs know, I wore many hats in my business. Many, many hats. (Also, I literally loved hats).

I was the strategist, coach, online business manager, writer, author, course creator, editor, website designer, copywriter, graphic designer, video editor, techie, social media maven, SEO specialist, customer support, and systems gal.

I had so much angst about which one to choose whenever someone asked me “what I did”.

Branding & Websites Female Entrepreneurs

Anyway… point being. I get it. I get what it’s like to be the passionate, die hard entrepreneur.

I ain’t just a website designer… I have a huge array of online skills and strategy. More importantly, I see how your brand & website fits into the larger picture of crushing your business and lifestyle goals (in other words, your website is a machine — not just an expensive piece of web art).

Plus, I’ve totally been there with not feeling like your website is reflecting who you are and where your business is at right now… it sucks! Oh the website shame!!

So whaddya say? Want to boogie together? I build you a unique, modern brand & website that feels like home (and more importantly, drives those sales home). You give me daily neck massages. Deal?

Branding & Websites for Female Entrepreneurs

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We’d love to help you reach your big bad audacious goals – whether it’s starting a new biz and leaving your 9 to 5… or hitting the big time with a 7 figure empire.