Bad ass author Karen Hopkins is an ex-wedding planner who’s taking down the hype of the wedding industry in favour of more meaningful wedding celebrations. Preach it! 🙌
Karen Hopkins - Bride Disrupted


As mentioned, Karen’s a bad ass author. She wrote a book called Wedding with Intention (seriously, get it), that calls into question why we celebrate weddings in the formulaic way that we do… even though we’re a generation of rebels at heart!

Wedding with Intention and her brand Bride Disrupted is all about guiding you to plan a wedding with purpose — a meaningful celebration of your love and your unique relationship (whether that looks like a typical wedding bash or something completely off-beat).

Anyway — Karen’s message is SO up my alley, because I’m all about you doing you! So I was very excited to work on this project with her.

The Before

The Brand

Karen already had some of her visual elements in place like her logo and her brand colours.

However, she was not happy with the visual brand on the whole. The branding as it was felt really low impact, and very soft and airy — which didn’t match her brand’s bold, rebel personality. 

So, we set out to fix all of that! 

We kept her logo and brand colours but we jazzed up her brand big time. 

An issue in particular Karen was having was finding proper imagery… typical wedding stock photos only ever feature that formulaic picture-perfect wedding – the exact thing she’s trying to get away from. 

So we created fun collages that incorporate real, diverse couples, with unexpected items around them. These collages scream “HEY! Your wedding can be whatever the fuck you want!”

After we re-imagined the brand, Karen was shocked at how much brand shame she had been holding onto. She felt like a fraud for being on TV promoting her book, all because her brand wasn’t reflecting the pro she really is. Tellin’ ya – this branding stuff is magic, folks. 


The website

Karen's DIY Squarespace site was totally pissing her off. So we moved her website jam over to WordPress and did the following:


We re-did the look of Karen’s sales page for Wedding with Intention, which fit with the theme of the rest of the website. 

Although Karen wrote the copy, I coached her on what to write and how to lay it out so that it converts all those looky-loos into book buyers. 

Come on, you know you want to have a wedding this fun:

Karen Hopkins - Bride Disrupted

Tracy knew exactly how to turn my website into a high performing and stunning representation of what we’re all about.

- Karen Hopkins, Bride Disrupted

I did not realise just how much website shame I had until I started working with Tracy! Now I feel confident to promote my brand wholeheartedly knowing that my website perfectly reflects our bold brand personality and the quality of our content.

If you want a website that converts customers, actually works, and looks freaking amazing, then you have to work with Tracy. I’ve worked with a lot of designers and contractors, and I haven’t found anyone to be as committed to my success as Tracy was. She may be little, but she’s a beast!

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