This Is Why Your Business Should Be a Personal Brand

Tracy Raftl of Little Beast DesignStraight up… your business might be sucking because it’s not a personal brand.

But let’s start off with this: What does it mean to have a personally branded business anyway?

A personally branded business is a business that has a real live person behind it (usually the founder)… this person is the “face” of the business, and they show their personality in full, and they share details about their lives with their audience as if they were real life pals…

Often the business is named after the person, but not always. Both of my businesses, The Love Vitamin and Little Beast Design, are not named after me but I still consider them very personal brand-y because I’m the visible heart and soul of both.

For example, I have plenty of pictures of me on my websites. I do videos of me talking about stuff. I make sure that I include photos of me on Instagram. My social profile pictures have a photo of me, not my logo.

I also try to weave personal stories into my content, and then sometimes post about purely personal stuff to give people a behind the scenes look into who I am.

Why your business should be a personal brand
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Be Personal… Don’t Hide Behind Your Work

The thing is, if you’re a creative entrepreneur, a service provider, or a product based business, it’s all too easy to not do this and just hide behind your “stuff”.

This is because you’re either too afraid to be seen (normal, but please don’t be, even if you’re an introvert like me)… or because you just don’t think anyone really cares about who you are, or because you think it’s irrelevant to business success (Eeenkkk. Hells no).

Let’s use a photographer as an example. Or me, as a web designer. It’s easy to just want to post your photographs or your designs on social media or your website and that’s that.

Connection is The Sexy Part

But here’s the thing…. they say sex sells, but really CONNECTION is what sells.

Hey. Buy my stuff.

Humans are social creatures by nature. We thrive on connection, and we get depressed, sick, and even start hallucinating when we’re lonely and isolated.

So when you personally brand your business, and let people in and allow them to connect with the REAL you, they get attached like they would to a friend or family member. They want to know more. They want to hear more. They want more of you. They want to buy from someone they like.

There’s a reason that people who do videos of themselves on social media seem to grow such big, loyal followings who are eager to buy from them – it’s because video is the easiest way for people to get drawn into your personality and feel that connection. They feel like they already know you.

That was something that was huge for me with The Love Vitamin… I made Youtube videos to go along with each blog post and I think that was a big part of my success. Even though video doesn’t feel as natural to me as writing, I’m trying to up my video making for Little Beast too because of this very reason.

Girl, Show Us Your Beautiful Face!

Anyway, long story short… connection = success. So get outta the comfort zone and start showing up as your real self. Businesses is going to fly.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog post too… I’m going to go more detail about exactly how much of your personal life you should be sharing with your audience.

Need help figuring out who the heck you are, and how to show up? I’ve got you, girl. My branding services will get you connecting with your audience big time, for big time impact.

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