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Should you swear in your biz

Is swearing in your coaching or services business unprofessional, or is it actually fucking great for biz? I help you decide if it’s right for your brand.

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Do you really need a brand photoshoot?

Your brand and business needs high quality photos for your website & social media. But do you really need to get a professional brand photoshoot done?

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Brand Refresh Vs Rebranding

One of these things is a MUCH bigger deal than the other. Find out what the difference is and why it matters if you’re thinking of up-leveling your brand!

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Get to Know Your Customers blog

You think you know what your customer wants – but if you did they’d be buying! Here’s how to get to know your audience so buying from you becomes a total no brainer.

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Why your business should be a personal brand

Business sucking? It might be because you’re hiding behind your work and not connecting with your audience. Personal brands do biz better and here’s why.

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Target Market vs Niche vs Ideal Client

These terms are often confused as being the same thing. But what’s the actual difference and why should you care what your niche or your ideal client is?

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3 Reasons You Need a Brand One-Liner

Someone lands on your website. You’ve got 5 seconds to impress them or they’re outta there. What do you do? You whip out your brand’s one-liner!

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Increase business revenue by 23% thanks to branding

Who knew making money was so easy! Fix this branding issue (which you can do today for free) and see a 23% increase in revenue. Cha-ching!

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What branding actually is

Branding is something that’s a HUGE moneymaker in your business, yet it’s rarely understood what branding actually is. Want to know? Click this!

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