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Showit Website template

Little Beast templates for the Showit platform are easy to use, a cinch to customize, and strategically designed to book clients and make sales. Absolutely NO code or fancy tech skills required! 

Main site: $297 USD

Or three payments of $109

Main site + bonus pages: $497 USD

Or three payments of $189

Coastal chic is a website style for the ladies out there who like it bright, clean, and airy!

Each Little Beast template is strategically devised to get you ideal clients or customers and make you sales. It’s perfect for female coaches, consultants, service providers, course creators, creatives, or bloggers. 

This Showit website template is incredibly easy to use and is completely customizable. You can change colours, fonts, the graphic motifs, logo background patterns, images, and all layout elements to fit your business and make it unique to you.

Main site pages included:

bonus pages included:

Here's how it works:

Ready to launch your dreams?

Main site: $297 USD

Or three payments of $109

Main site + bonus pages: $497 USD

Or three payments of $189

Example before & afters of how the templates can be made completely unique with a few quick changes:
Branding & Websites Female Entrepreneurs

Not sure if our showit templates are right for you?

no worries. our extended faq can help you decide!

Nuts & Bolts

They’re structured strategically to attract clients & customers for female coaches, consultants, service providers of all types, online course creators, or creatives – like artists, designers, etc.

They’re amazing for brand new business owners, or more experienced ones – anyone who has that DIY flavour in them and wants a professional, custom-feel website on a budget that is strategically set up to snag them ideal clients & customers.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Your gorgeous Little Beast Showit template.
  • All the photos and graphics that you see in the demo.
  • Our exclusive Showit video course that shows you how to use the platform and how to easily customize all the fonts, colours, and graphics to your branding.

Here’s what’s NOT included:

  • A subscription to Showit. Showit is the online software that the website templates work with. You will need to purchase and maintain a Showit subscription to use the template and have a live website.
  • A domain name (i.e. your website’s address… Our complimentary Showit course tells you where to get this though.
  • A logo. You will need to have your own logo to use with the template.
  • Design help – i.e. help choosing fonts, colours, textures, creating a logo, etc. You’ll want a template customization package if you want one-on-one help with that, or for a DIY approach, purchase our Brand Like a Beast course which you can add-on to your order when you checkout.

It’s really dang easy and we swear you don’t have to be techy AT ALL! There’s no coding or anything scary, we swear.

That’s not to say it doesn’t have a learning curve… everything has a learning curve, but Showit is the easiest website builder you’re going to find anywhere. And with the template, you get free access to our Showit course to walk you step-by-step through how to do everything (with easy to understand videos!). 

What’s cool about Showit is that you can literally put things anywhere on the page so you have full control of what it looks like (if you’ve used Canva before, it’s kind of like that). 

With other builders, you can only put things within a certain grid, and it gets crazy frustrating when you want to move something even just an inch over to get it looking right, but … nope! Can’t do it, and you have no idea why. With those builders if you really want to customize your site to look different than everyone else, you need to use code. None of that is the case with Showit.

Yes. If you purchase the $297 package now you can upgrade later and add on the bonus pages. Just email us when you want to do that and we’ll get you set up. 

Yes! No problem. You’d just pay the difference. Click here to learn more about our Tailored Template service. Just shoot us an email if you had purchased a template and are wanting to upgrade.

No, but an active subscription to Showit is necessary, which is what you need instead of paying for monthly hosting like you would with, say, WordPress. You will need to purchase and maintain a Showit subscription to use the template and have a live website.

If you want a blog on your website, you’ll need the middle-tier subscription (Showit + Basic Blog). If not, you’ll just need a first-tier subscription (Showit). 

If you start out with the first-tier and later want to start blogging, you can easily upgrade with them at any time. 

Yes! If you have a current website, it will stay live and keep doing its thing until you’ve fully customized your Showit site in the background and are ready to launch.

Then, Showit staff will help you to redirect your domain name so that when people enter your, it will bring up your new Showit site.

Nope, these will ONLY work on the Showit platform. As mentioned in the answers above, you will need to sign up and maintain a Showit subscription in order to use these templates. They will not work with any other platform.

We do want to encourage you to be sure this is what you want before you purchase – but because we are also absolutely sure you’ll love it and we only want happy, satisfied Little Beasts out there, we do offer a 30-day return policy if extenuating circumstances mean it’s just not right for you. 

Customizing your template

With the purchase, you get free access to our exclusive Showit video course that shows you how to use the platform and how to easily customize all the fonts and colours and graphics to your branding.

Basically anything you need to know… this course will show you. 

Every single thing. Every element and section on the page can be moved freely to wherever you desire (or removed).

And you can change all the fonts, all the colours, all the patterns & textures, all the backgrounds, and the dividers. Also, the graphics (like the stars or arrows or flowers that appear on the templates)… those can be deleted or swapped out for different graphics.

Yes, we swear it. Literally everything can be easily swapped, changed, moved around, or deleted so it’s completely your own!

Yep! You are not restricted to the types of pages that are offered in the template. You can easily duplicate any of the pages, and use that as a starting point to change the layout to make whatever kind of page you want. And then add the link to that page in the website menu.

Same goes with individual sections on a page. You can duplicate them to create new sections on a page.

You can also hide or delete any sections on a page that you don’t need. And you do not have to use all of the pages that are available in the template on your website – only the ones you want!

Yes, Showit makes it easy to just grab the link for your YouTube or Vimeo video, easily insert it, and have your video show up on your website! You can switch some of the images in the template for videos if you’d like, or add new sections to place videos in. 

blogging with Showit

Yes. The Showit platform is how you style how the blog looks (with the help of the Little Beast template that you purchase!).

But then when you go to actually write a blog post, you log into a different platform (i.e. the WordPress interface) and write it there.

The fact that they’re integrated is sort of confusing, but there’s no need to worry about the technical parts of that.  It’s actually very easy to blog with and we teach you how to do it with the free Showit course included with your purchase. 

Yes! Showit staff will transfer your blog posts to your new Showit site for you for free, if you were on Squarespace or WordPress (and possibly others if they can produce an .XML file for you – but sorry it doesn’t work with Wix). 

If you have more than 50 blog posts however, you’ll need to be on the highest Showit subscription in order to have them do the transfer for you (only for the transfer… on the mid-tier subscription, i.e. “Showit + Basic Blog”, you can still create as many blog posts as you want).

If you wanted to stay on the mid-tier plan but have more than 50 blog posts, you could transfer them yourself (if you’re tech savvy) or hire someone else to do it. 

Yes! You can on the actual blog post page (not the blog homepage that lists excerpts of all your latest blog posts).

We include a video tutorial of how to do this in the free Showit course included with your purchase. 

Yes, although there’s a bit of a trick to it if you want to implement this. We don’t currently have a tutorial on this in our Showit course, but can give you the link to a tutorial the Showit staff made. Just shoot us an email if you want to do this. 

Yep! We don’t currently have a podcast page included with the templates, but we do have a tutorial in the Showit course that comes with your template that shows you a couple different ways you can showcase your podcast on your Showit site.

One of those ways is through posting about each episode as a blog post and then having a page that only shows podcast blog posts. The tutorial shows you how to do this.

Selling stuff, membership sites, Plugins, etc

Plugins are something synonymous with WordPress – they’re things that you can install that add extra functionality to your website. 

Showit doesn’t use plugins the same way as WordPress. Most of the functionality you need to use plugins for with WordPress are built right into Showit – like the page builder, SEO capability, security, and speed.

95% of people will not need any plugins. Besides, a major upside to Showit is actually the lack of plugins. Plugins often conflict with each other, mess up your site, and cause major headaches.

That being said, you can embed things in your site easily. These are services that you would sign up for outside Showit (like a calendar/scheduler service, or a live Instagram feed, or a podcast player). The service gives you something to copy and paste into Showit, and the widget appears on your website. 

Now if you REALLY, REALLY want to use a specific plugin and can’t get away without it, you can actually use WordPress plugins with Showit if you are on the highest Showit subscription.

You’ll need to use an external (paid) service in order to sell your stuff and integrate it with your Showit website. This is pretty standard for any website platform.

If you are selling a digital product, service, or online course, you can use literally any service that produces an order form for you (on which people enter their credit card to purchase your thing). You talk about your product on your website, and just create a “Buy Now” link that takes people to this order form. 

Examples of possibilities are PayPal, Shopify Lite, SendOwl,  Teachable, Thinkific, Podia, Simplero, Kajabi… the list is truly endless. It’s impossible to say which one is right for you because it depends on what you’re selling, what features you need, and what you need the service to do after they buy. Like whether you need the service to send them an automatic email with details about the next steps, or give them access to an online course, or send them a digital PDF download.

If you are selling lots of smaller items (physical items that will be shipped, or digital) and you want people to be able to add multiple things to a cart and then “check out”, aka pay all at once, then it’s a bit different. 

Our ‘extended’ templates with the bonus pages do include a shop + product page. This can be used with the method above (linking to an order form), or if you want the shopping cart feature, it works best with Shopify Lite (and our free tutorials that come with your template purchase show you how to set this up with Shopify Lite).

However, if you do have a large ecommerce store with more than 20+ products, using Showit & Shopify Lite can end up being a little hard to manage.

In this case, I recommend a full Shopify Store or something similar (like BigCartel, or BigCommerce). You set up your store on Shopify’s platform, and just link to the Shopify shop from your Showit website. Shopify, or similar, will give you a few options to customize the look so it appears to be part of your website, even though it’s technically not. 

See the question above about selling things from your Showit website for some background info. 

If you plan to sell a course or membership, you need to pay for an external service that creates an order form that you can then link to from your Showit website. People put in their credit card and then the service automatically sends them an email that gives them access to a locked ‘membership site’, which has your courses and whatever else you are giving them. 

Services that have this capability are ones like Teachable, Thinkific, Podia, Kajabi, Simplero, and a million other options. 

So technically the course/membership site is not actually part of your website, it’s part of whatever the external service is. They will give you some options to customize it so it looks like it’s part of your brand.

Having the course or membership be set up on an external service (rather than on your actual website) is 100% standard no matter what website platform you use. Trust us, it’s absolutely, hands down the easiest way to do it. All the pros do it this way.

Each of our templates has a section at the end of the pages for advertising an opt-in gift (also known as a freebie or lead magnet). This section also pops up from time to time to invite people to opt-in. You can hide or delete this section if you do not want to do a freebie. 

If you are going to offer a freebie, again you’re going to need an external service to manage this, called an ’email marketing service’. This service will provide you with a sign-up form, which gets embedded into your Showit website.

When people fill out the form with their name and email, they get put on a mailing list and the service automatically sends them an email with their free digital gift (for example, a PDF or audio file which you will need to create). You can then use the service to email people on your mailing list to keep in touch, offer them valuable info, and eventually remind them to purchase your services.

An example of the most well-known email marketing service is Mailchimp. However, we recommend Mailerlite as an alternative, because it’s free, easier, and comes with more features than Mailchimp. We give free tutorials with your template purchase on how to integrate either Mailchimp or Mailerlite sign-up forms into your Showit site. 

Showit doesn’t natively offer this as part of it (no website platform does), but yes you can do it.  

If you want a quiz to be your ‘freebie’, in addition to an email marketing service (see question above), you’ll need a quiz service. 

We use Interact Quiz for this. You set up the quiz there, and you can embed the quiz or link to it from your Showit site. When people finish the quiz, Interact passes the information to your email marketing service and the person gets put on your mailing list. 

We don’t provide a tutorial for integrating the quiz & email services – you would seek instructions for that from those services’ help docs or customer support. 

Technical Stuff

Absolutely! If you already have a domain name & domain email address, just leave it set up wherever it already is. When you’re ready to go live with your new site, as part of your subscription, Showit staff deals with switching the domain and getting it all live (all without messing with your domain email address). Magic! 

If you have never had a website or a domain name (aka the URL or the, you’ll need to purchase one at some point before your site goes live. They cost about $10 a month and it doesn’t really matter where you buy it from. We use Namecheap

Showit has great SEO (search engine optimization) capabilities built right into it – many people say their search results got better after switching to Showit! Included with your purchase is a video showing you how to do SEO with Showit. 

Showit also has amazing speed capabilities built right in! Showit sites load impressively fast. 

Again, Showit has jail-like security baked right in. Your Showit site won’t be compromised by hacker trolls. 

"With Showit, I love the way I've got full control over the appearance of my website. Without code."

- Christin McLeod, happiness coach & mentor

“I’m so attached to Showit after YEARS on WordPress and hating it. I’m a very hands-on DIY type in general – aesthetics are important to me, and I like the way I’ve basically got full control over the appearance of my website with Showit. Without code!!”

your website with and without this little beast template:

without it:

with it:

Main Site

Coastal Chic Showit Template
$ 297 USD
  • Or payment plan available: 3 monthly payments of $109
  • Includes Homepage, About, Services, Contact, Blog Home, Blog Post Page, 404, Privacy Policy
  • Easy to use & customize - launch your site in a matter of days and start making sales

Main Site
+ Bonus Pages

Coastal Chic Showit Template
$ 497 USD
  • Or payment plan available: 3 monthly payments of $189
  • Includes all main site pages plus Sales Page, Portfolio, Shop, Product Page, Landing Page, Featured Links, & Coming Soon
  • Easy to use & customize - get launched in a matter of days and start making sales​

Template + customization

Coastal Chic Showit Template
$ 2497 USD
  • Split into three monthly payments of $832
  • Includes main site & bonus pages, logo, branding course, website copy templates, and done-for-you template customization
  • Get a profesh website launched for you by the Little Beast team in only two weeks

"When I was all done customizing, I sat back and began drooling over my site! I couldn’t believe that this was my site!"

- Candice B, Law of Attraction coach

“The template and was a complete godsend. Not only was the template so unique and seriously gorgeous, it also provided writing prompts for every block of text. It took all of the guesswork out! It was as if I had a website and marketing expert whispering in my ear, “In this section, write about this…”

When I was all done customizing, I sat back and began drooling over my site! I couldn’t believe that this was my site! It was everything and so much MORE than I had ever wanted for my business and I felt such enormous appreciation for Little Beast Design.”

"My website now looks professional, sets me apart from others and enables me to charge more for my services."

- Amelia C, copywriter

“Thanks to the website template I purchased from Tracy, I’ve taken my website from being something quite basic and childish looking (embarrassing) that I made myself to something that looks professional, set’s me apart from others and enables me to charge more for my services. I can share it with confidence and want more people to google me!

I also understand how the site works so can make ANY changes at ANY time for NO charge! I don’t have to pay a designer! What’s not to love!!!!”

Want us to tailor your template for you?

Want the whole thing off your plate? Would you prefer if we just customize your template for you (and make you look damn good in the process)? 

We can get your site customized and launched in just two weeks! 

It’s the easiest way to get your ideas out there into the world ready to attract idea clients –  without lifting a finger. 

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