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Brands & websites

Get a full brand & website custom designed for WordPress or Showit and have your ideal clients sold on you before you even speak.

Does your brand & website have you feelin':


You cringe a little (OK... a lot) when you think about the outdated design your brand is sporting, the bland copy, the photos of you in that old business suit... What were you thinking? It may have once felt right, but now it feels so wrong!

Out of alignment

Your brand and website just haven't been able to keep up... Things have changed. It no longer feels in alignment with what you do, what you offer, or who you are. It's holding you back from having fun in your biz and continuing to grow your empire.


As it is, you feel like you're just not making the right first impression with your ideal peeps. So you've been holding yourself back from telling people about your biz, raising your prices, or putting out a big new offering.

you and your biz are unique and can't be boxed in!

Custom design is perfect for you if:

Branding & Websites Female Entrepreneurs

Imagine your ideal client thinking "she's the one for me" before you even speak

Imagine having a brand and website that does ALL the heavy lifting for you. It creates an instant emotional connection and leaves your ideal client or customer thinking "I want to work with her" without you having to do a thing or speak to them 1-on-1.

This is SO much more than just a website. A Little Beast brand delivers trust and credibility at every turn so your ideal clients and customers can tell right away that you're the real deal and you deliver on what you say.

Right now, you may feel the opposite... You feel that if your ideal peeps saw your brand they wouldn't quite get it. Marketing your business isn't exciting because you feel your brand is missing the mark... So your biz is stagnating and just isn't fun anymore.

join the little beast custom club!

see what our lovely clients have to say about Little Beast:

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Dr. Shannon Curtis, women’s Naturopath

“Honestly, this was the best investment I could have made in my business. I’m going to get it back tenfold and beyond – I’m already getting more contacts from potential clients.”

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Christine Hansen, Business & Sleep coach

“They got my branding completely spot on, everything completely aligned with my values, who I am, who I want to work with, and what I want to communicate to my soul clients.”

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Allegra Stein, Business Coach

“I could not be more thrilled with how Tracy helped me bring to life my new brand & website. People who have been following me for a long time have said “Oh my gosh.. it’s YOU!'”

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Karen Hopkins, Wedding Industry Disruptor

“I was feeling really burnt by previous contractors who took my money & didn’t deliver.  But the experience of working with Tracy was above & beyond what I could have expected.”

Emma Mumford Spiritual Queen


- Emma Mumford, spiritual coach & best selling author

“For me, I felt really frustrated with my site’s lack of functionality, and like my website wasn’t truly expressing who I am, my branding or what I wanted to achieve.

I feel really proud of my website now and have got lots of great compliments from my followers. From my side of things, I feel having the shop integrated now enhances the user experience and has resulted in more sales I believe after only a week of it being live!

Tracy made the experience so easy and simple I would abso-freaking-lutely recommend working with her. It relieved me of a lot of stress and meant I could freely focus on other areas of my business.”

why go custom?

book more clients

When your brand is on point and you look pro, your audience will trust you more and the right clients & customers will be magnetized to you - without you having to say a word.


Once you look the part, you'll be able to put out bigger offers and raise your prices - and people won't think twice about paying it since your profesh brand & website make it crystal clear you know what you're doing.

do what you're good at

Fiddling around with your branding & website is a waste of your time - let us take care of it and you spend your time growing your biz and doing what you're good at!

Get noticed online

You're unique and you shouldn't have to look like anybody else! A custom site will make you stand out from the crowd and get you noticed. Everyone's going to be able to see you're the real deal.

Feel confident af

It's hard to feel confident talking about your biz when your brand & website look like a kindergarten art project. A beautifully designed custom brand will make that feeling a thing of the past.

Have more time and freedom

In the end, when your biz is successful and making money you get more life awesomeness - time with loved ones, flexibility, financial freedom, hobbies, travel. Sky's the limit, baby.

custom means more options

we can build your custom website on either wordpress or showit!

Custom means this is 100% your party.

"What Tracy did for my business was phenomenal."

- Mel Turner,

“I had all these subscribers, all these ideas, I had so much going for my business already, yet nothing clicked and everything seemed hard. Making sales was hard. People reached out to me but it always seemed like people just wanted free information. 

Tracy helped me fix all that by showing my audience I understood what they wanted – now I have women asking me to make them a paid program, I haven’t had that in five years in business! 

If you’re unsure where to invest your money, what to focus on… honestly I recommend Tracy and her website design more than anything.” 

here's what's included in our custom package:

Our exclusive Brand Bash course is included so you can be sure you've got total clarity on your brand message & vibes.

Get an exclusive hour with Tracy to strategize your brand and make sure it's on point to attract the right clients and customers and hit your big goals.

We'll create you a full custom logo (including logo variations) so that your brand is memorable and stands out from the crowd.

Every brand and website needs high quality photos to connect with their ideal clients. We provide you a guide to help you navigate a successful brand photoshoot.

Unique graphics, textures, and patterns take a brand and website to the next level so you are sure to get noticed.

We'll create a beautiful, succinct style guide (including colour palette & mood board) for your brand so you and your team can stay consistent across all your channels.

Our exclusive Website Words templates guide you through writing a high power website that converts (without feeling or sounding like a slimeball).

We'll design, develop, and launch you a completely custom website that will perfectly reflect you and showcase the incredible work that you do.

Your brand doesn't stop with your website - we'll create you one piece of branded collateral material to shine out there in the world. Add on more as needed!

Dude, we don't want to hold you hostage. We'll provide you our video library and a complimentary training call to ensure you're empowered to make updates to your website and use your brand on your own!

Incredible branding and copywriting is what creates credibility and trust with your audience - they can clearly see what you're all about and that you're a pro, making them eager to work with you.

Feeling like an absolute professional is priceless. When you've got the confidence, no one can stop you from taking your biz to the next level and hitting your big goals.

to sum it all up:

What's included:


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Mel turner, endometriosis educator

“If you’re unsure where to spend your money, honestly I would recommend Tracy and her web design more than anything. What she’s done for my business is phenomenal.”

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Kendra perry, Health & business coach

“I finally feel like I have the website that represents me! I highly recommend Tracy and her team. She had great communication, the process was so easy, and her design is amazing.”

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Melissa Dow, wellness mentor

“Just go for it – I couldn’t recommend Tracy enough. I just think this is the best thing you could give to yourself.”

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Christin Mcleod, happiness coach

“I absolutely love my branding now.  Tracy really got the essence of who I am. Everyone says ‘it’s so me’ and that’s exactly what I was wanting.”

"I now know that when potential clients visit my website, they aren't thinking I charge too much."

- Julie Laflamme, elopement photographer based in Joshua Tree, CA

“After piecing my website together myself over the years, it was just a mess of information and it certainly did not stand out. I was about to do another tune up to my website when I realized that I didn’t want to spend a month or two working on it, just to have it still be lackluster.

Then I found Tracy and there was no doubt she was about to transform my business. “OMG” was my reaction to every revision. Every step of the way, she found a way to go above and beyond for me. Seriously, this woman defines “under promise, over deliver.” I got so much more value than what she even promised, and that still blows me away.

I am so thankful to have the burden of “I need to fix my website” just completely taken off my plate. Now my website and brand is complete and beautiful and I’ve received so many compliments on how it’s so me and so perfect. I know now, that when potential clients visit my website, they aren’t bouncing right away or thinking I charge too much.

I highly recommend Tracy and her team to any business owner who also struggles with an awful website (but an amazing product/service). Tracy will make you stand out as the awesome entrepreneur that you already are.”

Hey, sooo...

What's the Little Beast experience like?

I get it. Stepping out into such a big project can be scary and intimidating — even for a little beast like you.

Don’t worry. We’ve got a cozy sea of cushions & blankies to catch ya. Here’s a detailed rundown of how things will go:

The first step is for you to fill out this application form. After you press send, you’ll immediately be able to book a discovery chat with us to see if we jive and get your questions answered. If working together seems like the right fit, we will get your first payment right away to hold your spot with us!

Between our chat and when we actually start designing, you will have some work to do to gather everything we’ll need to finish your project. We’ll need some worksheets filled out in full, your brand photos, and all your website content.

We completely guide you through doing all of this, and when your homework is 100% complete, we will schedule you into our calendar to begin what’s called your “design block.”

Okay, so we’ve decided working together would be magic and you’ve signed on. Now back to that homework thing…

Right away you get access to our exclusive Brand Bash course! This teaches you all the ins and outs of personal branding and helps draw out your unique brand’s style and message. When you are done, you and Tracy will sit down (over Zoom of course) with a cup of tea, go over everything and get it nice and polished up.

Once this is done, you will start on the Website Words course, which teaches you exactly how to write your website content, including detailed templates & examples (or you’ll be working with your copywriter).

Bonus: You also get a photoshoot guide and personal guidance from us so you can get awesome branded photos for your website. 

For flexibility, we give you up to four months to complete this and we check in regularly and help you along the way! Any questions you have, we’re on it!

Once you’re done, we schedule you in to our next available time block (so if you do your homework fast, you jump to the head of the pack!). We aim to get your design block started within a few weeks of your homework completion.  

Yay! Design time! You’ve done all your hard work, now you get to sit back and relax while it’s our turn to get down to business. We’ll use everything you’ve provided us to whip up the most gorgeous representation of you and your biz. It’s our highest priority that you absolutely LOVE it, and so far no one has ever been disappointed! 

Note that you will need to be fully available during the design block, as we will expect your feedback quickly (within one to two days) in order to move swiftly through the design process.

Average design block (including full branding & website) takes 4 to 8 weeks to complete, from us starting the design to launch!

Time to launch, ladio! This is when your website goes live and we hand over any design files. You will also get access to our training library and a call if needed so that you will easily be able to update and maintain your website in the future without being held hostage to us. Props to that!

Okay tiger, go get em! You should be feeling like a sparkly business goddess at this point… Nothing’s holding you back from handing out your business cards like candy!


Got some Q's? WE've got some A's.

Working with Little Beast is for you if you’re a serious business gal, who’s serious about business growth, financial abundance, and crafting your most beautiful life adventure. 

You’ll need to be ready to invest in your business, and ready to be engaged with the work that the branding and website process takes. You’ll need to be on your game and ready to make some decisions. 

And hey… You also need to be down to earth and able to have a laugh!!! 😀 This shit ain’t all serious!

Working with Little Beast is not for you if you don’t take your business seriously, or if it’s more of a hobby for you. It’s for those ready to invest in order to get the results they really want in their life & biz.

It’s also not for you if you need an excessive amount of hand holding or you like to micromanage (even though you’re paying us for our expertise). And although your satisfaction is our highest priority, if you’re the type to obsess over every little decision and then change your mind 10,000 times, we’d also prefer you don’t apply. 😛

Tracy lives in the Great White North, eh, and our team is all remote. Although Canada is certainly lovely, you don’t have to be anywhere in the general vicinity as all our collab will be completed remotely. You can be anywhere!

However, as the US dollar is the major currency of the internet and all our business expenses are in USD, we also charge in USD. Unfortunately for fellow Canadians, GST will still be added to your package. Sorry pals.

Once we start designing your brand and website, it takes between 4 to 8 weeks to complete. 

The date we actually start designing depends on our availability plus how much time it takes you to do your brand homework, write your website copy, and collect photos (collecting photos might mean doing a brand photoshoot and then waiting for the photographer to get your photos back to you).

We soooo get it! It’s scary to think you might drop a bunch of money on this and then not really even like it. 

That’s not going to happen with us. Making sure you’re absolutely 100% in love with the design is an absolute top priority. 

We have questionnaires and processes before we start designing that get us perfectly in sync with who you are and the style that both you and your clients are going to love. 

Once we create the first draft of your brand & homepage, we get your feedback and make tweaks until it’s perfect and you’re SO in love. It’s completely normal to not love every single thing about the first draft, but with some welcome feedback from you, we always get it to the point where our clients are over the moon with it. 

Aw hell no! There’s nothing that makes us more mad than someone who promises work and doesn’t deliver. Or just plain sucks at what they do.

Hard work and perfectionism run in my (Tracy’s) family. Luckily so does empathy and good communication!

You can be assured that you are going to be completely satisfied with the results of working with Little Beast. We’re going to look after every little detail, guide you through the whole process so you can fully relax, and deliver you something beyond your expectations. We’re never going to leave you hanging (and if you want, we can also send our goons on the people who screwed you over).

Another thing: we also don’t outsource our projects to randos. All the work is completed by our in-house team with close oversight and quality control from me (i.e. Tracy, the maestro).

Girl, you can add whatever you want. For a fee, of course! We will be transparent throughout the process if something you’re requesting will be extra and give you a flat price or hourly rate to complete it.

We have two options: The majority of custom sites we build on WordPress with the page builder Elementor, which makes it easy for you to update your site after. Using WordPress also gives the advantage of unlimited functionality & room for growth. 

We can also build your site using the Showit platform, which is also pretty neat. 

Sorry – no Squarespace, Wix, Joomla or any other platform.

Yes! If you do a payment plan, we can launch your site before it’s paid off and you can make updates, write blogs, and use it all as normal.

The only difference is that we retain full administrative control of your site until it’s paid. Which only means that if you were to run off and not finish paying, we could take your site down. Not that we think you’d really do that or anything. 😛

We don’t currently offer copywriting as a service, but we provide you with an in-depth copywriting guide & copywriting templates and examples for key pages so you can learn how to structure your website content and write it strategically.

All you, baby. Once your project is fully paid off, you are in full control of your brand & website. When we’re finished the project, we give you all the design files we’ve generated so you can use them to create your own branded content in the future. 

Yep. After we’ve built you a custom brand & website, we can help you out with ongoing design projects as needed. We also have a tech support subscription available.

Without an on-point brand and succulent messaging, your marketing isn’t going to be that effective because your ideal client just isn’t going to be digging it. Afterwards, they will, which means more peeps will turn into clients or buyers, and yes, you can generally expect that you’re going to be making a lot more dough. Plus, you can likely raise your prices to match your new pro branding. SHA-WING!

However you do have to understand that branding & a website isn’t magic on it’s own. If a brand is born in the forest where no one can see it, is it really a brand at all?

Branding isn’t an immediate return on investment because you still have to market it in order to drive people to your website. We don’t have any control over what you do with your marketing (or how good you are at your sales calls), so there are no guarantees. But we do know that a strategic brand & website upgrade for an ambitious entrepreneur with a good business model will almost always result in business growth.

"It's me on the screen! I'm so excited to share it, it perfectly captures the vision of my work."

- Allegra Stein, coach @

“I could not be more thrilled at how Tracy helped me bring to life my new brand and website. I was DIYing it for 8 years, which was fine – but when Tracy and I met I knew she was the person for me. 

Communication was incredibly smooth, there were never any hiccups… and now! You can see on the website it’s just me on the screen. People who have been following me for a long time see it and they say “OH MY GOSH, it’s YOU!” I feel really excited to share it, it captures the vision and feel of my work and the message I want to bring. It’s a no brainer that I would recommend Tracy!” 

Ready to make magic?