Melissa Dow

Yoga instructor Melissa has that soul-affirming knack at making you feel like you are special. And she’d never ever ever ever judge you for what you did last night. 


Melissa Dow

Melissa's, like, the least pretentious person you will ever meet in your life. She's loving. She's kind. She's a total yoga goddess. She even sometimes snorts when she laughs... could she get any better?

Melissa offers group yoga and the occasional private sessions or 1-on-1 mind-body-soul mentoring. However, she wanted to up her game and start offering this in a bigger way. 

The snaffoo? She had no website and nowhere to send interested people that wanted to learn more about her! Major bummer. Plus she understandably only wanted a website that was going to really reflect who she truly is. 

Don’t worry. We sorted that out for her with a brand and website that 120% reflected her earthy, loving soul.

The Brand

K, so as mentioned, Melissa is an earthy gal. She don't wear bright colours. She's not loud. She's loving and sweet.

Also another really cool thing about Melissa is that she draws incredibly intricate mandalas in her in spare time.

So, we took one of those beautiful mandalas she drew, digitized it, threw it together with some soulful colours, and some soulful photography of her and her work… and bam. (ok it was slightly more complicated than that, but sure.)

Now she’s got a brand that really reflects her, makes her look super professional, and believe me… she’s very excited to tell potential clients where they can go now to learn more about what she offers. 


The website

Here's what we did for Melissa:

Melissa Dow


- Melissa Dow, yoga & wellness counsellor​

Melissa’s verbatim reaction upon seeing her new brand & website: “OMG IT’S AMAZING TRACY HOLY SHIT! WOW!!! You captured me perfectly! Beyond perfect. It looks so so so so so amazing !!!!!! It resonates so much and is better than I could have hoped. I’m going to cry! GAAHH!! #&*@#(#*^#f723″​
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