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Led by educational designer Traci Pate, these guys are absolute superstars at creating  fun, engaging staff training courses.


Traci Pate - Patequin Designs

Traci came to me because she'd been leading her team of educational designers for quite a while... but she had not been very intentional about crafting her brand & business.

She was looking to upgrade from her basic Wix site to a knock-out brand that would allow her to completely break free from agency gigs and charge more for the incredible work that she does. 

And with such a cool first name, I just couldn’t turn her down.

The Before

Patequin Old Website

The Brand

Traci wanted to differentiate herself from others in the educational design space by emphasizing that her brand cares about meaningful learning experiences that actually work... not just using flashy gimmicks for the sake of it.

In other words, she's passionate, she's good at what she does, and she actually cares. That's what we like to see around here.

She also didn’t want her website to look like every other corporate website out there… with flat icons and workplace synergy illustrations (you know what I’m talking about). 

We created a profesh brand for Traci that was bright and colourful like the training programs she creates, but also has a strong air of “Hey. We know what we’re doing.”

Which they do, of course. Traci and her team are working with huge household names like Mars Inc. She’s also working with one of the top 5 tech companies in the world (unfortunately the company’s contract has sworn her to secrecy so she can’t say who it is, but trust me… it’s a big deal).


Patequin Brand Board

The website

Here's what we did for Traci:

  • Created an effective layout with a unique design, optimized to turn lookers into clients
  • Wrote all her website copy, being sure to speak to her ideal client's problems and desires and inspire them to take action
  • Included numerous buttons directing potential clients to the next step on the road to doing business with Patequin (aka Book Your Free Consultation)
  • Set up a juicy lead magnet so she could capture website traffic and drive more sales with an email campaign
  • Created a beautiful portfolio to showcase Traci's innovative eLearning programs
  • Included plenty of testimonials to showcase what a boss Traci is
Creative Website Inspiration
Feminine Website Inspiration
Traci Pate - Patequin Designs

I'm excited about my new site. It looks so professional!

Traci Pate - Patequin Designs

I’m so excited about my new site that will be able to grow with me and my business. My old website lacked depth. It was text heavy with technical descriptions of the service and didn’t have a planned user flow.

The new website looks so professional on all devices. I especially loved the help of boiling down the old copy into content that will resonate with my audience without overwhelming them.

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I see you lookin.

You want one too?

Cool. I knew you were a smart cookie. 

Next step is to book yourself a free call with me… we’ll have a chat and find out if a brand & website makeover is in your crystal ball.

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