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Mel Turner
endometriosis educator

“I now have women asking me to make them paid programs to buy – I haven’t had anyone ask that in 5 years! What Tracy’s done for my business is phenomenal.” – Mel Turner @ endoempowered.com

Kendra Perry
Health & business coach

‘It feels really good knowing that I don’t have to waste my time constantly changing my website anymore – I finally have the website that I really feel represents me and my brand.’ – Kendra Perry @ kendraperry.net

Emma Mumford
spiritual author & coach

“Tracy made the experience so easy and simple I would abso-freaking-lutely recommend working with her. I feel really proud of my website now and the shop is making more sales after only 1 week!” – Emma Mumford @ emmamumford.co.uk

DR. Shannon Curtis, ND
Women's Naturopath

“It’s GORGEOUS. I’m over here swooning over all the details and colors. It’s been SUCH an amazing experience working with Little Beast!!! Truly, I’ve just been so thrilled.” – Shannon Curtis @ wildrootsalchemy.com

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup
Author & Life Coach

“Absolutely second to none. I absolutely recommend little beast – everything was spot on. Tracy knows her craft and I felt safe being guided by her and her team” – Camilla Dallerup @ zenme.tv

Christine Hansen,
Business Coach

“Tracy got it entirely right. Got my branding completely spot on, everything completely aligned with my values, who I am, who I want to work with, & what I want to communicate to my soul clients!” – Christine Hansen @ christinemeansbusiness.com

Karen Hopkins
Wedding Industry Disrupter

“I feel like a professional now and that makes me feel so much better about being able to market and promote myself.” – Karen Hopkins @ bridedisrupted.com

Melissa Dow
Yoga & Wellness Mentor

“When I first saw what Tracy created for me, I was in tears and incredibly grateful and so excited. Since having my website, I’ve attracted clients in – people who see me in the street and say “hey, I love what you’re doing!” – Melissa Dow @ melissadow.ca

Julie Laflamme
elopement photographer

“Omg. omg. omg. LOVING IT. This is insane. It’s super beautiful and unique and that layered textured background is amaaaaazing. Love the colors!” – Julie Laflamme @ julielaflamme.com

Christin MCleod
happiness coach

“I absolutely love my branding now. Tracy really got the essence of who I am. Everyone says ‘it’s so me’ and that’s exactly what I was wanting, is to have people really get a sense of who I am just by looking at my website” – Christin McLeod @ christinmcleod.com

Allegra Stein
The coach in a hoodie

“It’s just me on a screen. I feel really excited to share it, it captures the vision and feel of my work and the message I want to bring. It’s a no brainer that I would recommend Tracy!” – Allegra Stein @ allegrastein.com

Samar Shatta
Spiritual Therapist

“Thank YOU and Fernanda for all the amazing work!!” – Samar Shatta @wellinstitute.com

see what our lovely clients have to say about Little Beast:

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Mel turner, endometriosis educator

“If you’re unsure where to spend your money, honestly I would recommend Tracy and her web design more than anything. What she’s done for my business is phenomenal.”

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Kendra perry, Health & business coach

“I finally feel like I have the website that represents me! I highly recommend Tracy and her team. She had great communication, the process was so easy, and her design is amazing.”

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Melissa Dow, wellness mentor

“Just go for it – I couldn’t recommend Tracy enough. I just think this is the best thing you could give to yourself.”

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Christin Mcleod, happiness coach

“I absolutely love my branding now.  Tracy really got the essence of who I am. Everyone says ‘it’s so me’ and that’s exactly what I was wanting.”

Karen Hopkins - Bride Disrupted

"Tracy knew exactly how to turn my website into a high performing and stunning representation of what we’re all about."

- Karen Hopkins, Bride Disrupted

“I did not realize just how much website shame I had until I started working with Tracy! Now I feel confident to promote my brand wholeheartedly knowing that my website perfectly reflects our bold brand personality and the quality of our content.

If you want a website that converts customers, actually works, and looks freaking amazing, then you have to work with Tracy. I’ve worked with a lot of designers and contractors, and I haven’t found anyone to be as committed to my success as Tracy was. She may be little, but she’s a beast!”

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