Do You Need a Professional Brand Photoshoot?

Do you really need a brand photoshoot?

Girl, I get it… getting a brand photoshoot done, especially if you’re new to business as a coach or service provider, can seem so overwhelming.

So the question is.. do you need one? Should you invest in one? WHEN should you invest in one?

You Need High Quality Photos One Way or The Other

Well, there’s no two ways about it… high quality photos are imperative to telling your business’s story and showing off the personality of your brand.

They really make a website come to life, and they draw people into you and what you have to say on social media.

Unfortunately, low quality, grainy photos that look like they were taken on a webcam from 2004 make people subconsciously think less of your business.

Harsh but it’s true!

My client, Melissa Dow

You Can Get Away Without a Pro Photoshoot At First

But if you’re JUST starting out in business, this is usually a time when you don’t really know who you are in business yet. You’re experimenting, you’re trying things out, seeing what feels right.

A professional photoshoot may feel like a big investment for a brand and business you’re not quite sure on yet. And I agree.

But you still need good photos regardless, and I highly recommend having good photos of YOU… because you’re the heart and soul of your business.. people want to see you and connect with you.

So to start with, do what you can to get some photos together that’s within your means. Get a friend with a good camera to snap some pics of you and your work (depending on what you do).

Or even rent a nice camera and set it up with a remote and snap some of yourself.

As Soon as You Can, Invest in a Professional Brand Photoshoot

After you’ve gotten a clearer picture of what your business is all about, and probably before you actually feel ready… I strongly recommend investing in a professional brand photoshoot!

I mean, obviously you don’t HAVE to, but it’s a really, really dang good idea.

A pro photoshoot can really take your brand to the next level, because it can capture the heart and soul of your business.

Because unless your friend or partner is legit skilled in photography, a professional shoot can tell your brand story in a way that is so much more interesting and engaging than what you can do by yourself.

My client, Kendra Perry

Here Are the Benefits to A Professional Brand Photoshoot:

  • When you’re clearly showcasing who you are and what you’re all about through beautiful photography, your ideal clients will sit up and take notice.
  • Your brand will look more credible. Like I said, people have less trust for businesses that have low quality assets… they subconsciously judge your business as being lower quality, even if it’s not true
  • It will save you a lot of time. Believe me, having a bank of amazing photos to draw from for every web page, graphic, and social post you need is a huge time saver.
  • It will make you more money and you can help more people. I mean, straight up, the benefits to the above things all lead to your business doing better, which equals more money, more people helped, and more freedom for you.

You can do a brand photoshoot with any portrait photographer, but there are also plenty of photographers that actually specialize in brand photography — they can help you plan it all out and direct you to getting the most amazing photos.

If you work with me on your brand & website, I include a guide called ‘Fab Photos’ that walks you through all your big questions about getting your photoshoot done – including the process of finding a photographer, planning what to wear, where to shoot, and what props to bring.

Interested in working together? Check out how I can help you!

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