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Have your Little Beast Showit template customized by us and get your dreams launched in only two weeks!

Easy to Customize Showit Website Templates for Coaches, Creatives, Bloggers, Consultants

A pro website in two weekS without lifting a finger? Yes please!

Perfect for you if:

Industrial Showit Website Template for Women Coaches, Consultants, Service Providers

Example before & After:

Example before & After:

Branding & Websites Female Entrepreneurs

here's what's included:

Your fave Showit template from the Little Beast Shop is included (value $497)

My exclusive Brand Like a Beast course so you can be sure you've got total clarity on your niche, ideal client, and brand strategy.

Write your website content so that ideal clients and customers sit up and take notice.

We provide you with our Fab Photos course to help you navigate getting gorgeous photos for your website.

We create you a simple, professional word logo that will help you make your mark on the world.

We'll help you fill in the blanks on your brand visuals and get you looking shmick.

We'll tailor your template for you, enter all your content, and launch your new client-getting machine!

We'll provide you our video library and complimentary training call to ensure you're empowered to make updates to your website on your own.

No more insecure feelings about your biz! Everyone will be able to see that you're legit, which creates massive trust & leads to booking clients and customers with ease.

Split into three payments

So, like...

How's this all work?

Don’t worry. Below are all the deets on the exact process we go through – so you can know exactly what to expect! 

Further down this page, you’ll find a list of dates available for us to tailor your template (this is called the “design block”). 

Your website will take two weeks to complete once we get started, but in the meantime you’ll have some tasks to do to prepare! You’ll need to do your brand homework, write your website content, and gather any photos (don’t worry, we provide guidance on all of this!)

If you find a date that you’d like, fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch within 48 hours to set up a call so we can both ask any questions and make sure this is the best move for you. If we decide it is, we’ll get you to put down a deposit (33%) to hold your spot. 

Once your deposit is received, your spot is booked and we’re ready to roll! Watch your inbox for the next steps. 

After your deposit is received, you’ll receive further instructions, and access to our exclusive Brand Like a Beast course to work through. This course helps you uncover what makes you and your business unique and what sort of visual style you’re keen on. We’ll play to this as we customize your website template.

You’ll also get a photoshoot guide so you can get great photos for your website, and copy templates for you to write your website content. The copy templates follow the structure of the website templates closely so that your words will not only woo your ideal clients, but they’ll also easily fit right into the layout. 

By the time the design block rolls around, you will need to have your brand homework done, your words written, and your photos compiled.

Yay! Design time! You’ve done all your hard work now — you get to sit back and relax while it’s our turn to get down to business. We will use everything you provided us to whip you up a gorgeous representation of you and your work.

In the first step, we’ll choose a style that we think you’ll love and create a first draft of the homepage, then get your feedback. We’ll make any changes, get your feedback again, make anymore adjustments and then sign off on the style. We’ll then continue customizing the rest of the site. When it’s all done we’ll make it live! 

Note that you will need to be fully available during the design block, as we will expect your feedback quickly (within one to two days) in order to move swiftly through the design process.

Time to launch ladio! This is when your website goes live, and I hand over any design files so you can use them in the rest of your brand. You will also have access to my Showit training course so that you can learn how to use the website to update it in the future. If you prefer, we can also do a quick call with you to walk you through everything one-on-one at no extra charge. 

Okay tiger, go get em! You should be feeling like a sparkly business goddess at this point… nothing’s holding you back from handing out your business cards like candy!


Your questions decoded:

This is for ambitious, down-to-earth, women business owners (or wannabe business owners!) with a sense of humour! 

The templates are specifically structured strategically to attract clients & customers for female coaches, consultants, service providers of all types, online course creators, or creatives – like artists, designers, etc. 

The template customization is perfect for you if you need help filling in the blanks on your style and need some minor layout adjustments to get the template to suit your business and offerings. If you have a layout customization list a mile long, you will want to look at a fully custom package

You’re a good candidate for this if you’re ready to invest in your business, and ready to make some decisions and be engaged with the work that the branding and website process takes!

Yes. The templates only work on the Showit website platform (which is a subscription service) so this template customization service is only available for Showit. See the template page for more info about how rad Showit is. 

However, we also do custom WordPress sites (built using the page builder Elementor), so if you want/need a WordPress site, check out our fully-custom website packages

When we tailor your site, we’ll work together with you to customize the fonts, graphics / patterns / textures, images, and logo!

For example, you may already have certain brand elements you love – like colours, or a certain font. But maybe you don’t have patterns or textures or graphic elements picked out – or you want new ones. No matter what you’ve got or what you don’t, we’ll help you choose stylish options to fill in the blanks, and then we’ll customize your favourite template to that style and fill in your content for you so it’s sparkling and ready to roll.  

You may also need some adjustments to the layout in order to have it suit your business and offerings. If you have an adjustment list a mile long, you’ll want to look at a custom package

A rule of thumb for this template package is that we will heavily alter or create one custom section per page. So you get seven custom panels for a seven page website (you can group them… like if one page needs three custom panels and two of your pages need no adjustments. That’s cool.)

Yes if you don’t have a logo you love already, a word mark logo is included as part of us helping you get your style sorted. A word mark logo is a simple logo that is made up of your business name, styled cleverly using distinctive type. We will create a minimum of two options for you to choose from, get your feedback, and then we’ll adjust it so it’s just right for you. 

If you’d like a fancier logo with an icon or symbol created for you, no worries – you can upgrade for an additional fee. 

Yes! We don’t write it for you but included in this package is a copywriting guide with copy templates for each of the pages – the copy templates follow the layout of the templates to the T, so it will be really easy to write client-magnetizing website content that fits right into your template with no headaches. 

$2497 USD split into three payments (this is a fraction of the investment for a fully custom site – woohoo!)

On our initial call if we decide we’re going to buddy up, we will immediately take a deposit in order to hold your design block (one third of the total… or 33.333333% if you prefer). Note that we can not hold a spot without a deposit – sorry, no exceptions there!

The second payment will go through one month prior to our design block beginning (the exact timing of this payment may vary depending on the amount of time between our first call and the design block), and the remaining third will be paid once we are all finished up. 

Cancellation policy is like this: If you cancel, the first payment is non refundable but you won’t be charged anything further. If you cancel after your second payment (ie within the month prior to the design block), the second payment is also non-refundable.

I live in the great white north, eh. Although Canada is certainly lovely, you don’t have to be anywhere in my general vicinity, as all our collab can be completed remotely. You can be in the States. You can be down under.  You can even be in prison in China for all I care (well… depends what you did).

Note to Canadians: Actually, it’s best if you do go to prison in China (aka get away from my general vicinity and change your address), because unfortunately I charge in USD, AND you’re gonna have to pay 5% GST penalty for waving the maple leaf and chugging maple syrup with me. I know. Super lame. Sorry friend.

Girl, you can add whatever you want. For a fee, of course!

Just fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch within 48 hours to set up a quick Zoom call to chat about your project and make sure we’re a good match! This is a chance for both sides to ask any questions and be sure this is the right move for you.

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