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A goldmine of acne wisdom. If your skin breaks out like a mofo even if you’re totally not a teenager anymore, you need some TLV (The Love Vitamin, that is) 

The Love Vitamin website designer


Tracy Raftl website designer for female entrepreneurs

Surprise! The Love Vitamin is me. This was my pre-Little Beast business, started in 2011. I blogged my heart out, sold ebooks, courses, and coaching galore, helping to strike down adult acne in women the world over!

Problem was, as time went on, I grew to hate my website design. Looking at it now, I suppose it’s not that bad… it was certainly functional and still made sales, but  just didn’t feel like me anymore. It 100% felt like me in 2014 when it was designed, but hey… times change.

Either way, I was tired of it. I had a terminal case of website shame. Yes, I stopped doing any marketing. Yes it was just sitting there like a fly in a spider’s web, dying a slow agonizing death (no, you’re dramatic.)

In the end, I decided to switch my career focus to doing web design. But I figured I’d give ol’ TLV a redo anyway… after all, my sweet baby Love Vitamin deserved go down in history lookin’ good. 

The Before

The Old Love Vitamin
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The Brand

In this brand pivot, I actually wasn't doing a full rebrand... it was just a refresher.

After all, my brand message, tone or values wasn't changing. I was just getting a new "visual identity". In plain English, that means the way your brand looks. The pretty stuff.

In this case, I wanted to look a weeee bit more mature. I felt like my personal style had evolved a bit since five years ago and these days I’m into cooler, more toned down colours and clothing than I used to be. Or at least I was at this particular microcosm of time (if you know me, my mind can change faster than the spread of bubonic plague). 

Plus, for the first time, I was selling a higher end coaching package and I wanted my visuals to support that. So I got to work and this is what came out. 

The Love Vitamin website designer
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The Love Vitamin website designer

The website

Here's what I did:

The Love Vitamin website designer
The Love Vitamin website designer
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The Naturally Clear Skin Academy is my evergreen online training program. It’s been my bread and butter for many years now. At last check, it has over 1700 members from all over the world. 

If you’re selling any low to mid priced online product, you’re probably going to want a long-ass sales page. The long-form sales page takes the place of a sales call or consultation that you might offer if you were selling a higher priced service. 

My long-ass sales page has been kickin it like a workhorse since 2014, but here’s a sneak peek of the updated visuals. 

The Love Vitamin website designer
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The Freebie

TLV’s freebie is called “7 Things You Can Start Doing Right Now to Clear Your Skin”.

Okay, it’s kind of a mouthful. But if you have bad skin, you deeeefinitely want to know what you can do right now to get these lil f’ers off your face. Maybe enough that you want to hand over your email address. 

Many have. I’ve had over 70,000 people on my email list since I began the Love Vitamin, most of which have signed up because of this freebie. 

Here’s a look at the facelift I gave it! It used to be a super boring PDF. Now look at how pretty 😍


The Love Vitamin website designer
Branding & Websites for Female Entrepreneurs

I see you lookin.

You want one too?

Cool. I knew you were a smart cookie. 

Next step is to book yourself a free call with me… we’ll have a chat and find out if a brand & website makeover is in your crystal ball.


As a solopreneur in my first business, The Love Vitamin, I went from making 2K per month to instantly making consistent 10K months after a brand & website upgrade. 

Want to know my story + get the facts about why better branding makes you more money?

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