showiT Website templates for lady bosses

Easy to use, a cinch to customize, and strategically designed to connect you with your perfect clients. Absolutely NO fancy tech skills required! 

Easy to Customize Showit Website Templates for Coaches, Creatives, Bloggers, Consultants

Get a website you're proud of launched in a matter of days

new & experienced Coaches, service providers, experts, creatives...... i know you're sick of:

Woman frustrated because she doesn't have an easy to Customize Showit Website Template for Coaches, Creatives, Bloggers, Consultants
Branding & Websites Female Entrepreneurs

full of personality & strategically designed to book you clients

No coding. No late nights trying to figure out how to make your website look more professional. Purchase your template, import it into your Showit account, enter your content and swap out photos, fonts, and textures.... launch that baby by the end of the weekend!

Easy to Customize Showit Website Templates for Coaches, Creatives, Bloggers, Consultants

With Showit, I love the way I've got full control over the appearance of my website. Without code.

- Christin McLeod, happiness coach & mentor

I’m so attached to Showit after YEARS on WordPress and hating it. I’m a very hands on DIY type in general – aesthetics are important to me, and I like the way I’ve basically got full control over the appearance of my website with Showit. Without code!!

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Branding & Websites Female Entrepreneurs

Use the design as is, or easily customize to your brand

Love the design? It's all yours. Or use as a starting point and literally change anything you want with one click. You can swap out the images, colours, fonts, a few of the background patterns.... and voila --- you've got a completely unique-to-you website ready to get you clients & customers.

Example before & After:

Example before & After:

Branding & Websites Female Entrepreneurs

Why Showit? Because showit websites are beautiful, functional, and really freaking easy for you to use

Watch this quick video of me demo-ing the Showit interface and explaining why Showit is so awesome:

Branding & Websites Female Entrepreneurs

Here's how it works:

Number One

Browse the templates above and find one that is closest to your style. Purchase it, sign up for a Showit subscription, and import it into your Showit account. Get ready to customize it!

Number one

Customize it

You get FREE access to my step-by-step Showit Course which walks you through how to use the Showit interface to customize your template and personalize it to your colours, textures, fonts & website content.

launch & Celebrate!

You're all ready to go! Showit staff will get your site live for you, and then it's time to celebrate! Your dreams just became real! Time to get out there and grow your biz.


your burning questions answered

They’re structured strategically to attract clients & customers for female coaches, consultants, service providers of all types, online course creators, or creatives – like artists, designers, etc. 

They’re amazing for brand new business owners, or more experienced ones – anyone who has a DIY streak in them and wants a professional, custom-feel website on a budget that is strategically set up to snag them ideal clients & customers.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Your gorgeous Little Beast Showit template
  • All the photos and graphics that you see in the demo
  • Our exclusive Showit Video Course that shows you how to use the platform and how to easily customize all the fonts and colours and graphics to your branding.

Here’s what’s NOT included:

  • A subscription to Showit. Showit is the online software that the website templates work with. You will need to purchase and maintain a Showit subscription to use the template and have a live website. 
  • A domain name (ie your website’s address… www.yoursite.com.. our complimentary Showit course tells you about where to get this though)
  • A logo – you will need to have your own logo to use with the template
  • Design help – ie like help choosing fonts, colours, textures, creating a logo etc. You’ll want a template customization package if you want one-on-one help with that, or for a DIY approach, purchase our Brand Like a Beast course which you can add-on to your order when you checkout. 

Literally everything. Every element and section on the page can be moved freely to wherever you desire (or removed).

And you can change all the fonts, all the colours, all the patterns & textures, all the backgrounds and dividers. The graphics (like the stars or arrows or flowers that appear on the templates)… those can be deleted or swapped out for different graphics.

It’s really dang easy and I swear you don’t have to be techy AT ALL! Not to say it doesn’t have a learning curve… everything has a learning curve, but Showit is the easiest website builder you’re going to find anywhere. And with the template, you get free access to my Showit Course to walk you step by step through how to do everything (with easy to understand videos!) 

What’s cool about Showit is that you can literally put things anywhere on the page so you have full control of what it looks like (if you’ve used Canva before, it’s kind of like that). With other builders, you can only put things within a certain grid, and it gets crazy frustrating when you want to just move something an inch over to get it looking just so, but … nope! Can’t do it, and you have no idea why. If you really want to customize your site to look different than everyone else, you need to use code. None of that is the case with Showit.

So, I’ve always been a WordPress gal in the past. Little Beast’s website is built on WordPress because I didn’t know Showit existed when I built it, otherwise I would have built it with Showit. Everybody says “use WordPress” because millions of plugins can be used with it, and therefore has unlimited functionality.

This is all true and WordPress is great. However, plugins can be major headaches and conflict with each other causing all sorts of issues. The vast majority of people have no need for all sorts of unusual plugins. 

What I love about Showit is that it bakes the important functionality right into the platform so eliminates the need for most common plugins (like those for security, speed, SEO, image optimization). And you can easily embed anything else you need from external services right into the pages (like a calendar widget, sign up form, Instagram feed etc)

For the average business owner, Showit can accommodate everything you’re ever going to need.

Plus, Showit actually integrates with the WordPress platform for blogging… so if you do need some very particular and advanced functionality (95% of people don’t), you can use WordPress plugins if you are on the highest Showit subscription. 

Note: We do build custom WordPress sites if you are interested in a fully custom web design package.

Nope, these will ONLY work on the Showit platform. You will need to sign up and maintain a Showit subscription in order to use these templates. They will not work with any other platform.

A Showit subscription costs between $19 and $39 USD a month, depending on your subscription level and whether you’re paying yearly or monthly. If you need a blog on your website, you’ll need at least the 2nd tier which works out to $24 a month if paid yearly. This is pretty standard costs to maintain a website… even if you were to use a “free” solution like a WordPress website, you still need to pay for monthly website hosting. 

Yes! Showit staff will transfer your blog posts to your new Showit site for you for free. If you have more than 50 blog posts however, you’ll need to be on the highest Showit subscription in order to have them do it for you (only for the transfer… on the mid tier plan you can create as many blog posts as you want).

If you wanted to stay on the mid-tier plan, but have more than 50… if you were tech savvy you could transfer them yourself or hire someone else to do it. 

Yes! If you have a current website, it will stay live and doing it’s thing until you’ve fully customized your Showit site in the background and are ready to launch.

Then the Showit staff will help you to redirect your domain name so that when people enter your www.yourwebsite.com, it will bring up your new Showit site.

We do want to encourage you to be sure absolutely sure this is what you want before you purchase — but because we are also absolutely sure you’ll love it and we only want happy, satisfied Little Beasts out there, we do offer a 30 day return policy if extenuating circumstances mean it’s just not right for you. 

Want to just hire it out instead?

Want the whole thing off your plate would prefer if we just customize your template for you? 

We can get your site customized and launched in just two weeks! 

It’s the easiest way to get your ideas out there into the world ready to attract idea clients –  without lifting a finger. 

ready to feel more confident? Get a site that works? Fill up your biz with perfect clients?

Check out the templates and get a site that empowers you to change the world.

Easy to Customize Showit Website Templates for Coaches, Creatives, Bloggers, Consultants