What the Heck IS Branding, Anyway? (and why you should care)

Hi friend!

Answer me this… are you guilty of thinking a brand is just a logo and some colours?

If you are, you wouldn’t be the only bird in the birdhouse. Before I started really getting into the strategy of my businesses, that’s what I thought too.

While branding happens to be right up there in the most valuable business building activities you can do…. it’s often ignored because branding is just one of those things that is not always completely understood. People have a general idea of what it is, but often can’t quite put their finger on it.

What branding actually is
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Here’s What Branding Actually Is

A brand is the public’s perception of your business when it hears your brand name, whether that’s good or bad. It’s the emotions that it evokes, as a culmination of your business’s actions, story, values, promises, tone, consistency, and visuals.

Technically a brand isn’t even a thing that’s owned by you, it solely exists in the heads of other people.

This means that every business (even a one-woman business) has a brand, whether they’ve put thought into it or not.


While that might seem deflating, as if you have no control, that is not the case.

That’s where the process of branding comes in.

Branding is the process of purposefully crafting your business in a way that influences the way the people think about it.

When you put strategic thought and love into your branding, you will get more of the influence you want, rather than just throwing confetti to the wind and hoping people think you’re cool.

Why Branding is Mad Profitable

If people have a positive perception of your brand, clearly it’s good for business. It means they’re going to be a repeat customer and tell their friends.


  • Increases your business’s credibility
  • Increases recognizability
  • Magnetizes your I’d-so-love-to-work-with-them clients
  • Earns those clients’ trust and loyalty
  • Sets you apart from the competition
  • Encourages an emotional connection to your business
  • Gives you confidence and clarity in your business direction

Branding Always Comes First

There are three stages to business:

Branding & Message –> Marketing & Sales –> Service or Product Fulfillment.

It’s important that building a strong brand with a solid message always comes first. It’s your business’s foundations… just like a house, it needs a solid foundation, otherwise it’s just going to be perpetually sinking down.

Marketing is what comes AFTER branding… marketing is where you go and tell the world about your brand that you’ve lovingly cultivated.

If you don’t get your branding foundations all spiff and solid, then your marketing efforts are not going to have the impact that you want. People will find you, but you’ll either be attracting sucky clients, or your ideal clients will simply not resonate or trust you.

Many people just jump into the marketing and find that it’s REALLY FREAKING HARD, the clients just aren’t coming, and you’re constantly confused about what you should be talking about and how.

I mean who wants to drop tons of time and money on marketing that doesn’t really work?

Probably not you because you’re too smart for dat. I KNOW you’re too smart for that, otherwise you wouldn’t be here right now reading this!

So in short: Get your branding on. You’ll thank yourself later.

PS – If you need a hand creating a wicked brand, I can help.

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