It's Time to level up

You’re ready to step up your entrepreneurial game… so let’s make like a hot lifeguard and breathe some life into your brand and website!

Check out the ways we can work together below. 

Breathe some life into your brand & website

Is this amateur hour? Not anymore.

I know you're sick of:

  • Holding yourself and your business back because your brand feels so meh and you’re too ashamed to show anyone your website.
  • Dealing with your website. Seriously. You want to throw your computer across the room every time you sit down to work on it.
  • Feeling like amateur hour. Your message or your visuals feel really unprofessional and inconsistent, not like you, or just mega lame. Womp womp.
Little Beast branding & design
Branding & Websites Female Entrepreneurs

The work you do is life changing and you’re going to get a brand and website that backs that shit up.

What’s going to happen? I’m going to transform whatever it is you’re stuck with now into a KNOCK-IT-OUT-OF-THE-PARK representation of you and your work.

Little Beast Branding & Design Female Entrepreneurs
  • You’ll look like the expert you are.
  • Your dreamboat clients won’t be able to resist your striking confidence and clarity.
  • You'll be transforming more lives.
  • You can raise your prices.
  • You’ll finally gain the financial freedom to do whatever it is your quirky little heart desires.
Emma Mumford Spiritual Queen


- Emma Mumford, spiritual coach & best selling author

For me, I felt really frustrated with my site’s lack of functionality, and like my website wasn’t truly expressing who I am, my branding or what I wanted to achieve.

I feel really proud of my website now and have got lots of great compliments from my followers. From my side of things, I feel having the shop integrated now enhances the user experience and has resulted in more sales I believe after only a week of it being live!

Tracy made the experience so easy and simple I would abso-freaking-lutely recommend working with her. It relieved me of a lot of stress and meant I could freely focus on other areas of my business.

Let's do this.

Baby Beast

Baby Beast is my branding only package… this is for you if you’re on a DIY website path for now, but still need help forming a solid brand that is right on the money.

Package Includes:

  • My exclusive Brand Bash course to help you build incredible clarity on your brand angle & message (aka the secret sauce of a profitable business)
  • A 60 minute strategy sesh with me to get your brand jam all polished up
  • A new logo or logo refresh
  • A style guide which includes brand colours, fonts, and visual feel
  • 1 piece of brand collateral ex. a business card or website header
  • 2 rounds of revisions


$1497 USD

Payment plan available

Branding +
a one page starter website:

$1997 USD

Payment plan available

Custom websites for Female Entrepreneurs
Branding & Websites Female Entrepreneurs

Little Beast

The Little Beast package is for you if you're just starting out or only need a simple website - but still want it to be unique and show-stopping!

Package Includes:

  • My exclusive Brand Bash course to help you build incredible clarity on your brand angle & message (aka the secret sauce of a profitable business)
  • A 60 minute strategy sesh with me to get your brand jam all polished up
  • A new logo or logo refresh
  • Style guide which includes brand colours, fonts, and visual feel
  • A gorgeous, 5 page custom-designed and fully developed Showit or WordPress site
  • Copywriting guides for your Homepage, About page, and Services page so you can knock your website content out of the park
  • One fully designed popup & opt-in integration
  • 1 piece of brand collateral ex. a business card or social media template
  • Site optimized for speed, security, and basic SEO
  • Training on how to use your new site so you can make updates on your own


Starts at $2997 USD

Payment plan available

Websites & Branding
Confident in your new brand & website
Branding & Websites Female Entrepreneurs

Big Bad Beast

Need an epic brand redo and a big, gorgeous, fully custom website? The Big Bad Beast is for you!

What you get:

Whatever you want, friend! This is custom!

This may include any of the following, depending on what you need:

  • Brand Development & messaging, style guide, logo design
  • Fully custom designed & developed page ShowIt or WordPress site, with custom functionality if needed
  • Brand collateral - business cards, social media templates and banners, custom designed opt-in gifts, promotional material, etc
  • Sales pages
  • Membership sites
  • Third party integrations, such as shopping carts and digital product hookup


Starts at $4997 USD
for branding & a 10 page site.

Payment plans available

Custom websites for Female Entrepreneurs
Branding & Websites Female Entrepreneurs


Just need a small one-or-two note project done? Sure. Let me hear it.


I'm open to small one-off projects such as:

  • Logo design​
  • Social media template design & other brand collateral
  • Sales page design & development
  • Membership site design & development
  • Third party integrations, such as shopping carts and digital product hookup


Shoot me a quick email telling me about your project and I'll give you a quote.

Melissa Dow


- Melissa Dow, yoga & wellness counsellor​

Melissa’s verbatim reaction upon seeing her new brand & website: “OMG IT’S AMAZING TRACY HOLY SHIT! WOW!!! You captured me perfectly! Beyond perfect. It looks so so so so so amazing !!!!!! It resonates so much and is better than I could have hoped. I’m going to cry! GAAHH!! #&*@#(#*^#f723″​

Hey, sooo...

What's the Little Beast experience like?

I get it. Stepping out into such a big project can be scary and intimidating — even for a little beast like you.

Don’t worry. I’ve got a cozy sea of cushions & blankies to catch ya. Here’s a detailed rundown of how things will go:

During or after your free brand audit, if working together seems like the right fit, we’ll nail down the scope of the work and decide on a dedicated block of time that I will devote to your proj (a 1 to 8 week block of time depending on the scope of your project. Average is 2 weeks for a Little Beast package without many add ons).

Between our brand audit and your design block, you will have some work to do to gather everything I will need to finish your project. I will need some worksheets filled out in full, your brand photos, and all your website content. This must be 100% complete by the time we start.

50% of the payment is due up front in order to secure your design block. (Note: the remaining 50% is due during the design block, prior to me handing over the keys to your new Ferrari.)

Need a payment plan? Sure. If you can’t hack the 50/50 payment schedule, we can work out a monthly payment plan that works for you.

Okay, so we’ve got everything all nailed down… now you get access to my exclusive Brand Bash course! This teaches you all the ins and outs of branding and helps you draw out your unique brand & message. When you are done, you and I will sit down (over Zoom of course) with a cup of tea, go over everything and get it nice and polished up.

Once this is done, if you are also getting a website, then you should start on the Website Words course, which teaches you how to write your website content (or you’ll be working with your copywriter).

Bonus: You also get a photoshoot guide from me so you can get awesome branded photos for your website. 

All of this must be 100% complete so I have everything I need when your design block rolls around.

Yay! Design time! You’ve done all your hard work now — you get to sit back and relax while it’s my turn to get down to business. I will use everything you provided me to whip up the most gorgeous representation of you and your biz (depending on your package, this will include your style guide, collateral, website, and any add ons).

Note that you will need to be fully available during the design block, as I will expect your feedback quickly (within one to two days) in order to move swiftly through the design process.

Time to launch ladio! This is when your website goes live, and I hand over any design files. You will also get access to my WordPress Training library so that you will easily be able to update and maintain your website in the future without being held hostage to me. Props to that!

Okay tiger, go get em! You should be feeling like a sparkly business goddess at this point… nothing’s holding you back from handing out your business cards like candy!


Got some More Q's? I've got some A's.

Working with Little Beast is for you if you’re a serious business gal, who’s serious about business growth, financial abundance, and crafting your most beautiful life adventure. 

You’ll need to be ready to invest in your business, and ready to be engaged with the work that the branding and website process takes. You’ll need to be on your game and ready to make some decisions. 

And hey… you also need to be down to earth and able to have a laugh!!! 😀 This shit ain’t all serious!

Working with Little Beast is not for you if you don’t take your business seriously, or if it’s more of a hobby for you. It’s for those ready to invest in order to get the result they really want in their life & biz.

It’s also not for you if you need a lot of hand holding, you like to micromanage (even though you’re paying me for my expertise), or if you’re the type to obsess over getting the margins and line spacing JUST right (and then want to change it 20 times once you’ve decided)… this is painful for everyone and I promise it’s not going to make a difference to your bottom line. No client worth having is ever going to say ‘Omg, there’s 3 pixels too many below that image…… later!’

I live in the great white north, eh. Although Canada is certainly lovely, you don’t have to be anywhere in my general vicinity, as all our collab can be completed remotely. You can be in the States. You can be down under.  You can even be in prison in China for all I care (well… depends what you did).

Note to Canadians: Actually, it’s best if you do go to prison in China (aka get away from my general vicinity and change your address), because unfortunately I charge in USD, AND you’re gonna have to pay 5% GST penalty for waving the maple leaf and chugging maple syrup with me. I know. Super lame. Sorry friend.

Yep. If you need a payment plan to make this work, we can do it. Here are the parameters:

  1. The initial deposit needs to be at least 30% of the whole package, and the rest will be broken into equal monthly payments that you can manage.
  2. The whole thing will come out to 10% more than the pay in full price, to cover extra admin costs.
  3. You won’t get full admin access to your site until everything’s been fully paid. You can still get in the back end and update your site after it’s finished, but it’s just that if you don’t pay up, I can kick you out and take your site down. So just pay up, folks. I know the mafia. (By that I mean I watched The Godfather once. That counts, right?)

I build on WordPress with the page builder Elementor, which makes it easy for you to update your site after. 

I’m also planning to start designing using the ShowIt platform, and this will be available as an option for smaller website projects in the near future once I get up to speed with it. 

Sorry – I don’t do Squarespace, Wix, Joomla or any other platform.

Girl, you can add whatever you want. For a fee, of course! 

I’m not currently offering copywriting as a service, but I provide you with an in depth copywriting guide for key pages so you can learn how to structure your website content and write it strategically. I’ll also be reading your copy as I enter it into the website, so I may do a little restructuring on the fly if I see areas of the copy I can make improvements. 

I can also recommend some copywriters if you want to work with one. 

Depends on how crazy my schedule is. But if you want it, let’s talk about it. 

Yep. I’m all about making sure your brand is so freaking you. This is my top priority.

Without an on-point brand and succulent messaging, your marketing isn’t going to be that effective, because your ideal client just isn’t going to be digging it. Afterwards, they will, which means more will turn into clients or buyers, and yes you can generally expect that you’re going to be making a lot more dough. Plus you can likely raise your prices to match your new pro branding. SHA-WING!

However you do have to understand that branding & a website isn’t magic on it’s own. If a brand is born in the forest where no one can see it, is it really a brand at all?

You still have to do marketing in order to tell people about your business and drive people to your website. I don’t have any control over what you do with your marketing (or how good you are at your sales calls), so there’s no guarantees. But I do know that a strategic brand & website upgrade for an ambitious entrepreneur will almost always result in business growth.

Little Beast Branding & Design

Let's get this party started

Tired of squirming when you think about your brand or letting people see your website? I thought so...

I know you're ready to:

  • Have your marketing be way more effective because it's backed by an epic brand and high converting website.
  • Help way more of your dream clients transform their lives.
  • Make way more money.
  • Create way more freedom in your business, finances, and lifestyle.
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Keen on jamming together on your  custom project but have a few questions first? Or you’re just ready to dive right on in? A discovery chat with me is the first step to us making brand & website magic together.

At the moment I have a teeny waitlist for custom work and I’d love for you to join it. I want to find out what makes you and your business tick, so I’m ready when we have our complimentary discovery chat! You’ll be the first to know when spots open up.

Want to know How I quadrupled my revenue by upgrading my branding?

As a solopreneur in my first business, The Love Vitamin, I went from making 2K per month to instantly making consistent 10K months after a brand & website upgrade. 

Want to know my story + get the facts about why better branding makes you more money?

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